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The June-July issue of
Minnesota Woodlands, MFA's bi-monthly newsletter, has been published.  Click Here to see it and other newsletters going back to 2008.

Shown here participants at a Gathering Partners field event.  Photo by Eli Sagor.

This publication on Tree Shelters for Hardwoods Plantings is recommended by Dean Makey, the expert behind MFA's Forester Phone Line.

DNR Forestry has issued a new map and contact information for foresters responsible for working with private woodland owners.   
Cost Share Funds are again available through DNR Forestry.

New service from MFA:
Boots on YOUR Ground Program. 
For payment of just $50, landowners can have a 2-hour walk on their land with a forester.  The program is currently limited to MFA members statewide and, thanks to the Blandin Foundation, to anyone in Itasca County who owns 20 or more acres of woodland.  Review and print an application.



for more information.

A FREE Service for MFA Members ONLY

Consult with a Professional Forester over the Phone.
For an appointment with the Forester email
or call

MyMinnesotaWoods is a great source for woodland-related discussion and information!  Here is the most recent monthly Update as well as an archive of past issues.

Wondering what your timer is worth? See a recent report on Wood Markets.  Also see the most recent Minnesota Forest Industries Fact Sheet.

With support from the Blandin Foundation, MFA has produced two public service announcements touting the contributions private woodlands make to Minnesota's overall forest economy. Read the associated press release and then listen to and download PSA #1 and PSA #2.

Now you can Join MFA or Renew Your Membership online.   If you prefer to work through the mail, print a Membership Application(pdf) or Membership Renewal(pdf) Form.
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