The Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network (MNWWN) is dedicated to building a community of women woodland owners, their families and land managers to nurture a land ethic.  The MNWWN creates supportive, informal, small group learning opportunities on topics that include trees, nature and caring for the land.  For more information visit the site and fill in the “Contact Us” tab.
Wooded land doesn't have to cover hundreds or thousands of acres to provide richness and diversity of life. Smaller acreages can have big impacts too! If you are one of the 6 million landowners in the United States who own 1 to 10 acres, then the Backyard Woods program is for you.

Backyard Woods inspires landowners with a 44-page guide and detailed tip sheets that cover 12 topics. Learn how to develop a master plan, protect property from wildfire, plant properly, and much more.

Tree Care Advisor
Similar to Woodland Advisor but in an urban setting.

Woodland-Related Organizations

Call Before You Cut
This six-state cooperative effort provides information and help to landowners before they contract to harvest timber from their land.  MFA's plan to join this cooperative has been put on hold pending resolution of concerns by other Minnesota stakeholder organizations.

The national counterpart to MFA.
The Walnut Council
An organization devoted to the promotion of Black Walnut and other fine hardwoods.
One of the best private woodland owner websites, behind ours, of course!

Iowa Woodland Owners Association
Yes, they grow more than corn in Iowa!

Environmental Groups

Dovetail Partners
To be the most trusted source of environmental information.
Preserves the natural and scenic heritage of our State by permanently protecting the lands and waters that define our communities and enrich our quality of life.
Other Organizations
Minnesota Forest Industries.  A trade association representing the state's forest products companies.
MN Logger Education Program  Setting the standard in logger professionalism
Minnesota Forest Resources Council  The Minnesota Forest Resources Council is a state council established by the Sustainable Forest Resources Act (SFRA) of 1995 to promote long-term sustainable management of Minnesota’s forests.