Photo Request

Share Your Forest Stewardship  Photos
The Forest Stewardship Program is in the process of revising its  5-year strategic plan (for more information click here)
.  As the plan is finalized, the committee is looking for images that  illustrate the stewardship commitment and management activities of Minnesota’s  family forest owners.  If you have pictures of your land that you are  willing to share with the committee, please send high quality electronic files  to with  “Stewardship Plan Photo” in the subject line.  Please include a line  identifying how you would like the photo credited if it is used (e.g.,  Courtesy of John Doe).  The committee can not  guarantee that any  specific photo will be used.  If you  have any questions, please call Katie Fernholz at 612-333-0430.    Photos must be submitted by May 29th for consideration.   Thanks for your help!


Share your Photos with other MFA Members!
We'd like to use photos of you and your family working on and enjoying your land.  Send good digital photos to  If people are shown in the photo, be sure to identify them.