Online Learning

Webinars.  U of M Extension is offered the following "webinars", in 2011:
  • Recreational Trail Design
  • Forest Health: Insects & Disease in Minnesota
  • Accessing airphotos custom maps online
  • Managing ash woodlands in the EAB era
  • Nontimber forest products.
The five programs in the 2011 webinar series has been recorded and is available for viewing. 

Also, Cornell University has more than a dozen recorded webinars including one on deer damage and another on maple syrup.
Webcasts. There are two webcasts (video of a live presentation) that may interest MFA members:
(1) Estate Planning OptionsAttorney Roger L. Deffner presents an overview for woodland owners of wealth management, financial planning, and estate planning. He is only presenting an overview and not legal advice and viewers need to consult a personal attorney for any particular situation. (50 minutes).
(2) Property Ownership and Distribution:  Who Will Get Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?  Personal property transfer is an issue frequently ignored until a crisis occurs - that is not the time to make important decisions. As Dr. Karen Goebel of the University of Wisconsin explains, transferring non-titled property brings up many important issues. The presentation encourages people to make appropriate arrangements that are fair to all parties concerned and covers tools used to accomplish the transfer of property. (79 minutes)

“Sustainable Forestry – A Landowner’s Manual” developed by the Minnesota Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program Implementation Committee provides landowners with  information on how to manage their foreslands in a sustainable manner.   A Landowner's Manual.
Tree ID
Tree ID Tutorial -- How to identify a tree online.
View all the trees native to the Eastern and Central U.S.
Identify your tree.
Minnesota Logger Education Program (MLEP) Training & Education Materials