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Woodland-Related Organizations


Northern Minnesota Woodland Information.
The national counterpart to MFA.
Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine
One of the best private woodland owner websites, behind ours, of course!
Iowa Woodland Owners Association
Yes, they grow more than corn in Iowa!
Idaho Woodland Notes, a newsletter for private woodland owners.
Setting the standard in logger professionalism
Founded in 1941, the American Tree Farm System consists of 90,000 family forest owners in 46 states.  Tree Farmers are committed to protecting wildlife habitat and wathersheds, conserving soil and to providing recreation opportunities for their communities while producing wood for America.  See the online edition of Tree Farmer Magazine.
The Minnesota Tree Farm System operates as a chapter of the national system. 
Want to be a Tree Farmer?  If you have 10 acres or more of woodland and a Stewardship Plan, you have the first two basic requirements.  For more information and and enrollment application, click here.
Find information for Kids & Teachers, Landowners and Loggers.
Södra is an ecomonic association of 50,000 woodland owners in southern Sweden.   They own just over half of all privately owned forest in the area, as well as a group of companies that are successful in both Swedish and international markets. This gives them a market for their raw materials from the forest and at the same time provides the foundation for profitable forestry. (At the top of the home page, click on "English".)