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Insurance - Are You Covered?

Insurance is a dull subject, except when a loss occurs!  As woodland owners, we face risks that normal homeowners do not.  As a result, we should give extra consideration to our insurance coverage before a loss occurs.

Normal homeowners’ insurance may provide coverage for a loss on your woodland.  If Aunt Nellie trips over a fallen tree, breaks a leg and sues, you will probably be covered.  But what about the neighbor who helps you cut wood with a chainsaw or friends who come deer hunting?

With homeowners’ insurance, one key question was, “Were you paid?”  If you are paid for any use of you land, such as hunting or a local group on an outing, homeowners’ insurance will probably NOT cover any loss.

For peace of mind, all woodland owners should obtain special insurance which can be obtained through the National Woodland Owners Association. 

·         Woodland Liability Insurance, which costs $160 for up to 535 acres, provides $1 million for each occurrence and $2 million aggregate.

·         Hunting Lease Liability cost $165 for up to 1,000 acres.

·         What all woodland owners should consider is the combined Woodland and Hunting Lease Liability Insurance which costs $210 for up to 525 acres.

For more information, and to print an application, see WoodlandOwners.org/Insurance