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Minnesota Call Before You Cut

A NEW service of Minnesota DNR and coordinated by the Minnesota Forestry Association (MFA) for the benefit of all Minnesota's family woodland owners.
Thinking of harvesting timber from your land?
Call Before You Cut!
You will be sent a packet of information with no cost or obligation to you.
What is the Minnesota Forestry Association?
MFA is a private, membership-based organization.  We receive no payment from any individual or organization that is recommended in our Call Before You Cut program.  While we hope all Minnesota's family woodland owners consider joining MFA, our Call Before You Cut program is open to everyone, member or not. 
Should you harvest timber off your land?
For private woodland owners, our woods represent one of our most valuable assets.  The decision to harvest, and how to do so, can either improve or set back the future value of our land, its potential for wildlife habitat, and as a source of pleasure for us and our family.

There are several reasons why we might decide to harvest timber:

  • For income,
  • To improve wildlife habitat,
  • To improve the overall health of our woodland,
  • To salvage timber damaged by a storm, insects, etc.
Whatever our reason for harvesting, MFA recommends working with a professional forester because they are uniquely qualified to assist us with a timber harvest plan that meets our expectations.  We stress again that MFA accepts no payment from any forester or logger in exchange for our recommendation.
When you call MFA’s Call Before You Cut Hotline, you’ll be sent a packet of information including:
  • A list of professional foresters, grouped by:
DNR Private Forest Management Foresters
Soil & Water Conservation District Foresters
Private Industry Procurement Foresters
Private Consulting Foresters
  • A piece that recommends working with a professional forester and what to expect in the process.
  • A list of loggers, both Master Loggers and members of the Minnesota Logger Education Program.
  • A Landowners Manual produced by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • A sample Timber Harvest Contract.
  • The latest information that has been published on Timber Values.

No Cost or Obligation to You

Call Before You Cut is a free service for all Minnesota's family woodland owners. There is no cost and no one will call you soliciting your business!  The whole idea is that MFA provides the information and then lets you decide what is best for you, your family and your land. 
Call 218-879-5100


This service coordinated by the Minnesota Forestry Association
under grants from the Minnesota DNR.